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  • Seemed alright at first until I realised it was automatically downscaling all my 1080p footage to 720p. I don't think there's any way to change this. I don't see any point in using this app if I can't take advantage of my camera's full resolution. Seeking through and splicing footage is a pain. Controls are too small. No way to disable automatic uploading of my projects. Overall a pretty poor job, I expected better from Adobe but I guess you get what you pay for...
  • I love this app so much! I have no complaint though! Please give me a option for image quality, cause I took high quality images and made a clip and came out rubbish, I understand the reasoning of space and ram to process, but give the higher end smartphone users that have the power to enable qulity
  • So I love this app and use it to make my vlogs. I love the fact I can easily film then edit and upload a vlog from my phone. However the app limits what I can do. You can't add music to individual clips. In order to make a more engaging videos you have to make each individual clips and export it then import them all in a master sequence. This is too time consuming. I would love too see this feature added in a future update.
  • Expecting much more than that form adobe. Why would such a big company launch such a weak product UPDATE : BETTER VERSION
  • I thought updating would make it good, but it still crashes when I try to put my own music
  • I know this is a great app but unfortunately it doesn't work on sony experia m4 aqua :/