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*** EZReader Theme Pack - requires A.I.type Keyboard 1.9.5 or above (either Plus or Free) ***The EZReader Theme is a unique user interface providing a more accessible look & feel for ai.type Keyboard users with features such as high contrast and voice narration. The Theme was specially designed to present larger keys that are easily seen by people who prefer such experience. It's also very usful for visually impaired users. Check it out, it's FREE!*** Features ***1. Larger, clearer, easy to read font2. High contrast color scheme3. Built in key-hints4. Voice Narration for typing and corrections (Can be switched off)The EZReader Theme pack is installed on your device SD card by default. Once installed, you'll be able to select the EZReader theme from the Themes Gallery under settings.Tag: A.I.type Keyboard free , A.I.type Keyboard Plus , A.I.type Emoji Keyboard plugin , theme gallery

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  • File name: com.aitype.android.theme.ezreader1443585697[www.apkdigg.co].apk
  • File version: 1.0
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  • Amanda McGee Very fun! This app is a lot of fun! It's nice to be able to adjust the keyboard to your own liking and also have fun setting the colors to make it runner!
  • A Google User Love at first sight... Yes, it can happen. This time, it happened with me when I installed this theme for A.I.type Keyboard Free (and, later, Plus). I'm far sighted, and sometimes I just don't have my glasses on. In those cases, I'm glad to have this theme. One thing that really annoyed me was that the theme installs to the SD card by default, which caused problems for me. I have a Motorola Photon, and my phone has a stupid, fake "sdcard" directory that is not the real SD card. That is, the "sdcard" directory is part of the phone's internal storage. (The real SD card is "sdcard-ext", not "sdcard".) And that's where this theme installed to--"sdcard". The problem was that each time I booted, the theme used by A.I.type Keyboard would revert to default. It couldn't find this theme for some reason. I moved the theme to the phone's internal storage (even though, technically, IT WAS ALREADY THERE!), and that solved the problem. Anyway... This keyboard theme isn't the height of beauty, but it fulfills its design goal by being easier on the eyes. Thank you, A.I.type!
  • A Google User Keeps defaulting back to original theme I have had to uninstall and reinstall this app 3x's already. It keeps defaulting back to the original theme. But when the theme works it is great. I will give 5 stars if theme lasts more than 1 day at a time
  • cata2ca Excellent Great application, tons of options and features. You need some time to go through all features or stick with free one that's much simpler. Love the high contrast skins. Good for big fingers and tired eyes. Thank you
  • brandi lechleiter Has a mind of it's own Suddenly it wants to randomly capitalize a lot of the typed words. I turn off auto-capitalization, and it stops capitalizing the first word in a sentence, but wants to capitalize the other words. Very irritating.
  • A Google User Love it. I'm totally thrilled with this keyboard. The keys are so clearly defined that it's a real pleasure to use. It looks great too. :)