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Baby. We got this. Every week, The Bump, the award-winning site that helps you navigate and celebrate the joys of parenthood, provides real-time parenting advice through a feed of content personalized to the week of your pregnancy or your newborn’s development, including videos, calendar to-do items, a community of moms, your own belly photos and supportive articles created by our own expert editors. Now, when you ask, “Is this normal?" and "Is this safe?”, you’ll have the answers right in your hand.
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  • I hate this app all the bitches on there are so mean to other females like why getting angry and cursing other women just for posting potty shots like really....glow nurture is better...I never did post anything but I saw how they handle other women for posting potty shots....they r vipers over there.
  • The women that post on the discussion boards are just awful. Rude, nasty, just down right mean, not a comfortable environment at all. But there's great articles and important information, I use the app for that purpose only. Enter discussion boards at your own risk, but I would steer clear.
  • With my experience The 'women' on the chat forums are just immature, rude, and unbelievably ridiculous with their noses so far up in the air I'm surprised they can still see the computer screen, straight up. Great for information and helpful tips and is super easy to find things and navigate around,I love it. Just wouldn't recommend going on the social part of it, in my experience I didn't receive anything but snide unhelpful comments when I truly needed advise or had a question..
  • Stay away from the discussion boards, I read two topics where most of the comments were either unhelpful, unfriendly and nasty nasty nasty.
  • I really like the app and all of the information you can read. I've not had a problem with nasty, rude women but apparently that's a pretty big issue. *I dislike this app because 1) it logs you out if you take too long to type or if you exit the app. I just want to stay logged in like you used to. 2) if you do log in to reply to a comment...only way to log in for me can't go back to the birth month club main page. You click on community and there's nothing there. 3) Can't post photos
  • I've downloaded many apps like You're Expecting and What to Know When You're Expecting. Both don't compare to the fun videos, the fun-colorful fruits that this app compares your baby's size to; to visualize how big he or she is, and it makes it fun having the app being able to send out reminders to how much longer you have to go! So helpful and videos aren't dated like most!