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Join millions of fellow investigators & solve gruesome crimes in Las Vegas!• FREE TO PLAY HIDDEN OBJECT GAME •Investigate stunning crime scenes to find evidence, analyze clues & interrogate your suspects!Exercise your brain to find more objects faster & feel sharper with every new case.Logic & observation will be your key talents!• TEAM UP & NEVER MISS AN INVESTIGATION •Enjoy new episodes regularly available on tablets, smartphones & Facebook.Get help from friends!But will you let them beat your score?• BE A TRUE CSI •Earn achievements, rank up as a CSI & earn your avatar’s ultimate outfit!Investigate cases written by CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION writers!Feel the thrill of unraveling game-changing situations & putting murderers behind bars!About the franchise:“CSI: Hidden Crimes” is based on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” which is a three time winner of the Best Television Drama Series awarded by the Festival de Television de Monte-Carlo, and was named the most watched show in the world for the 5th time in 2012.Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean & Chinese.Like the game http://facebook.com/CSIHiddenCrimesFollow us on Twitter @CSIHiddenCrimesAnd join your community!Facebook http://facebook.com/UbisoftMobileGamesTwitter http://twitter.com/ubisoftmobileYoutube http://youtube.com/user/Ubisoft

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  • File name: air.com.ubisoft.csi.HiddenCrimes1442215259[www.apkdigg.co].apk
  • File version: 2.0.5
  • File size: 43.52 MB
  • File md5: d22e83b949e37a80380aca5250869397
  • File sha: 5f65aab9aae705f083e4530727e5229ca221a3bf
  • Update time: Mon, 09/14/2015 - 15:20
  • What's New/Note: What's New Get ready for the BIGGEST UPDATE EVER, CSI!• HIRE RECRUITS who will find you awesome REWARDS!• Find LOST BRIEFCASES and POKER CHIPS!• SPIN THE WHEEL & get incredible bonuses!• COMPLETE COLLECTIONS to improve your team & CSI CREW!• Unlock RECRUITMENT CENTERS by earning GOLDEN BADGES!• UPGRADE your Episodes to earn PLATINUM BADGES & EPIC rewards!• BUG FIXES based on your feedback!• and MUCH MORE! Read more

  • File name: air.com.ubisoft.csi.HiddenCrimes1439467664[www.apkdigg.co].apk
  • File version: 1.16.8
  • File size: 47.05 MB
  • File md5: 33888ca788da6b960cc2d7cde4a76ef0
  • File sha: be1b163d49f3debdfe87096a4ed0e78df71e6337
  • Update time: Thu, 08/13/2015 - 20:04
  • What's New/Note: What's New Brace yourself, CSI!An EXCLUSIVE EPISODE for the 4th of July is in this update, along with other nifty surprises:- You can now buy UNLIMITED ENERGY for a limited time!- New surprise HAPPY HOURS will show up soon with FREE POWER-UPS!- WE HEARD YOU! Based on your demand, you can now ask for ENERGY directly to your CSI PARTNERS only!And of course, more bugs are eradicated with each update.Download the update & rate the game to help us make a great game for YOU! Read more
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  • Frances Tracy Pasicolan Cool game but... I downloaded this game because I'm a fan of the tv series. By the way, just started playing episode 2. It's almost the same as the other criminal games. What I just don't like about the game is I have to download "new content" every time I open the app. Why is that?
  • Heather Martin I have reached episode 7. I need to download new content however when I connect to internet to do the download, nothing happens. Cannot go any further into the game at all. Seems to be a glitch as to why it won't continue. Please fix or I will delete game.
  • Pocket Draco Won't let me add friends I have app friends play on computer, they don't show up on my list and I'm not on there's, otherwise brilliant game
  • Laura Pattison Won't Load When the update on 25th June hit the game stopped loading. Only once since the update a couple of days ago have I managed to get into it. However, I got as far as downloading the 4th July episode & used 30 bolts before it crashed. If it's not fixed soon I'm uninstalling.
  • D De Witty Interesting for awhile Im not playing like i use to. Im getting bored. Avatar selections sucks, game play the same as other games. Items in scenes stay in same place. Im just bored.
  • Andy Reyes It was really good untill... Game was good and enjoyed playing it on my off time. After update of 6-25-2015 it killed the sound, now game wont start and keeps crashing and cant read some of the lettering. Its now been more than 3 weeks since this game went bad, developer does nothing. I have contacted and I have to sign up and give detailed report to developer web page to get some where. This is getting ridiculous.