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2.3 and up
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Inspired by Minecraft, Cubed Craft: Survival is a block based sandbox building game.Some of the main features in this game are: -Saving/loading! -Biomes! -Mining! -Rare ores: copper, iron, gold, diamonds! -Building! -Crafting! -Exploring!

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  • File name: com.Interactive707.VoxelCraft1443612165[].apk
  • File version: 1.0.23
  • File size: 21.93 MB
  • File md5: 8d454e299e7c0f4092b9d285d7108e75
  • File sha: f79e18db4a4447723b894dafc3a5d191c62cbe70
  • Update time: Wed, 09/30/2015 - 19:22
  • What's New/Note: What's New *Slabs, Snow, Glass, Flowers*MUCH Less Ads*More ores! (more diamonds!)*Autosaving Read more
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  • SJ Wish210 Defective & Broken Everytime you get automatic ad's the game kicks you out and when retart, your world is gone, your saved game is gone. So basically Defective and Broken, I couldn't learn the capabilities of the game do to this issue. I uninstalled!!!!
  • Chase Larkin Garbage You can't stack blocks or slabs on top of one another. I was attempting to build a house first I put down a layer of birch slabs and then tried to put a layer of stone slabs but they only floated above the birch slabs not even touching.
  • 潘沛機 I hate it!! Can you please fix the app? I can't continue to play when the game when it keeps kicking me out!! Please fix it so I will give five stars but for now, ONE.
  • Victor Sandoval Maybe You can't walk over one block tall FIX it and I'll give you five stars
  • Julie Jones It gets boring after a while It's cool I made a house but it freezes I can't move it takes a long time to unfreeze and there is no mobs and no monsters so after a while it gets boring besides that it's ok I guess. :-\
  • Haley Brown It keeps going home It keeps going home when I place down a block this game is not all that good don't get it it needs to be fixed