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  • Not sure why everyone is crying about but it is amazing... everything worka perfectly! Would love to se some UserExperience driven placement changes but as I said, its just amazing ;-) People just forget that its free ;-) keep up that good work and dont let it die undeveloped ;-)
  • Whenever friends talk it's very buggy and slowed down and generally bad sounding. Not sure if this is just an issue for me or if others are experiencing this as well.
  • There's a lot I can say about Discord. Considering its in Alpha it's insanely bug free and super reliable. The UI is sleek and looks exactly the same whether on Web or phone or desktop app, this perhaps being their greatest asset. You as a user learn one interface and can use discord anywhere. My only gripe is that there's no permission setting for hiding private voice channels. I do hope they get that done. Can't wait till they get out a paid store I would be happy to pay money to support the devs!
  • As an avid user of discord on the desktop for chatting with folks, getting it on my phone was a no brainer to keep myself updated on whatever goes on in the servers. Sadly the discord app needs a bit of polishing before it'll be good for everyday use. Starting off the battery usage on a freshly charged new battery for an S4 is quite frankly unacceptable, from a 100% charge to just 17% in less than two hours with the screen locked something just doesn't seem right. Then theres the horrible audio quality.
  • Great app. Only problem is audio on phone is very bad. The sound is always breaking and makes it very difficult to talk. if this gets fixed 5 stars
  • I have been hosting an active server for 6 months now with absolutely no problems. One thing that could be great is if admins could access server settings via this app.