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4.4 and up
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- IT WORKS ONLY ON LG-G2 (And mostly on G-Flex,G-Pad,G-Pro,G-Pro 2)
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  • Couldn't get it to work. It let me do decide the customizations, but once I was finished nothing on my phone changed. What am I doing wrong?
  • Everything works great and it's very customizable but now after i changed the look of my notification panel, new notifications appear on top of the older ones instead than at the bottom. Please add the option to fix this
  • Are there plans to add a feature to disable the emergency call button on the pattern lock screen? Would be incredibly useful on the Optimus G Pro, as that button is incredibly easy to hit by accident.
  • Jessie Collins your phone needs to be rooted for the app to work which I wouldn't recommend if you don't know what you are doing or you don't want to lose your warranty
  • The only proble I find is that when I activated the bar of how many RAM does the phone is using, it only shows like half of the bar and I needed to make the navigation bar quite small in order to fully see the RAM bar on recent apps.
  • I made a request for a tweak to the navbar over a year ago and the dev promised it would be in the next update. 5 updates and a year later sill nothing and now the dev has abandoned the app completely and hasn't updated it in over 4 months. Highly disappointed