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4.4 and up
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Available also in Korean,Italian,Chinese,French,Hungarian,Russian,Spanish language.
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  • This atop did most of the things that I would download a custom ROM to do. Made my LG G3 into a very stock Nexus style device with even better features.
  • This app is amazing it allows for many customizations you would need other Roms for. I just wish we could have an option to switch between the old app icon and new one ( I liked the old one) and can you fix the tinted bars for the new google+ and play store updates
  • Missing some features like the ability of removing am/pm and add date to status bar, also the ability to change the navigation icon style and more options for lockscreen like transparent and/or faded, just what i would like to see.
  • Loved it until lollipop broke support for it. Hurry dev, or get the G4 tweaks box going! Love this app! I miss the smart ring feature
  • Great work! But please add possibility to switch off the shutter sound when taking screenshot. And, by the way, the hardware button doesn't start Xcam.Thank you!
  • Forget flashing highly customizable, unstable ROMs. This will give you all the customization you want, and then some on any ROM. With seemingly no stability loss. Best app ever. Couldn't see myself go without it.