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Don’t empty your wallet at the pump… Gas Guru helps you save time, effort, and money before you hit the road! Quickly find the best gas prices nearby. Easily find restaurants, roadside assistance, coffee, auto repair and ATM’s and see the search results alongside gas stations near you. Do you always find yourself filling up near home or down the street from work? Label and save your frequent locations for easy access to up to date prices. You can even save a few extra cents by comparing the price of gas near work, home, or other favorite locations to find the cheapest available. Tap to get directions, view the time of the last price update, and more. Download the app today, rev up those engines, and hit the road! Features:· Find cheap gas prices near you**· Compare gas prices near work, home, or other favorite locations· Label and save your frequent locations for easy access to cheap gas nearby· Filter your search by gas/fuel grade and view results by map or list view· Get the detailed info you need – directions, maps, prices of all grades, address, time of last gas price update, and more· Quickly search for coffee, restaurants, roadside assistance, auto repair and ATM’s close to the pump A handy road companion, Gas Guru makes it easy to save money and get more of what you need on the go. Download Gas Guru now! Be safe, don’t be a distracted driver… ** Service Station and Fuel Price Data provided by OPIS (Oil Price Information Service) in cooperation with Wright Express

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  • Don Moore Cant Locate Me The app couldn't locate me. I rebooted my phone a couple of times but still no luck. Other apps can use my location services without issues.
  • Scott Guldin Really? Did you ever read some of these reviews who give less than a 4? Ridiculous. This app is designed to give you gas prices and that's exactly what it does which is excellent. It's not here to give you directions to McDonald's or make your bed but give you gas prices! Outstanding app!
  • Michael Smyer Works, but... Still valid: This application works and shows me nearby gas stations, but it doesn't show me which ones have e85.
  • Darryl G Location issues and more. 90% of the time will not find my location. 50% of the time the map does not show locations of stations. Also does not show Diesel prices. Was so hoping this would be better than Gas Buddy. forgot, They have an email to send any issues you have and claim they will reply. Guess what,, No Reply.
  • Carla Rue Droid maxx Its a pretty good app sometimes it messes up but overall its works fine
  • Mike McNulty Pretty Good Consider adding some "Trip Functionality" such as looking forward along a route, spacing between fuel stops, etc. Also, what's the deal with the map either disappearing, or no longer displaying nearby stations? Oh yeah, almost forgot ... To @ScottGuldin: STFU, Douche.