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Dec. 09 2015 - Ver1.3.3
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  • The Japan Trains app is able to find routes that this app can't find, and it is free to search rail pass JR shinkansen lines. The results show travel options that I exclude from the search results. I bought the rail pass unlock code and removed flight options from my search but my top results are still for routes that use airlines. I can search the same options in Japan Trains and it shows the correct route. The app layout also needs to be improved as it is not difficult to read than it should be.
  • Must have for someone who doesn't speak Japanese. Takes a bit of getting used to, and the English translation could be better. But wow it made it so much easier to figure out how to get from point A to point B. The extra $$ for the rail pass option is worth it.
  • WARNING: PAID COUPON VERSION NOT WORKING ON SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 RUNNING LOLLIPOP. TESTED AND WORKING ON S6 MARSHMALLOW.There seems to be a bug affecting some newer handsets and my S6 glitched when trying to add the coupon so you cannot even buy it. The lower menu option cannot be selected even using the 3 dots substitute menu function. It worked fine on my Galaxy S5 if the menu key is long pressed. Just tested on S6 Marshmallow and WORKS via accessibility menu.
  • This app is a lifesaver for visitors to Japan. It takes almost all of the intimidation out of the complex and precise rail system and makes finding your train relatively easy. Two problems stick out: 1 - the "Menu" button is missing from the bottom of the screen on the LG G4, making it impossible to buy the coupon for the JR pass search. 2 - this does not tell you which track your initial departure is leaving from. This isn't a huge issue as it can normally be figured out on site, but it would be easier.
  • Very dissatisfied, downloaded app as am travelling to Japan in two days, have a JR Pass so tried to purchase the coupon, payment went through but no coupon ID/code...
  • To the idiot who complained about having to buy another pass on top of the JR Pass: It's a subscription pass to use the app, NOT another train pass!! Please make sure you have at least 100 IQ before attempting high technology.