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  • This app took forever to open and "load" and then I couldn't even figure out how to use the app. I'm not even sure what the purpose of this app is, but I didn't use it once while in Japan. Use Hyperdia. That is a useful transit app!
  • It's fantastic that JR listened to customer feedback on their original app and launched this international variant in order to assist people in their travels. The interface as well as the quality and quantity of information are everything one could want from a train info app.
  • Tapping on the Search Station page in any location (search field, map) only results in zooming in on the map. I can't select any particular station or get the app to respond in any other way.
  • Error when select station
  • This app has potential, but making users register to collect data is pathetic. With other apps like HYPERDIA, there isn't any need to register, don't need current satellite location, don't need messy map to try to locate current station. Also this app is limited to JR trains and doesn't show other lines nor subways!
  • Really great application, and this is only the first version. I am excited to see the future versions.