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Keeper is the world's #1 most downloaded password keeper and secure digital vault for protecting and managing your passwords and other secret information. Millions of people use Keeper to protect their most sensitive and private information.Features that Protect You• Manages all your passwords and secret info• Protects you against hackers• Encrypts everything in your vault • High-strength password generator• Login to websites with one click• Store private files, photos and videos• Take private photos inside vault • Share records with other Keeper users• Access on all your devices and computers• Keeper DNA™ multi-factor authentication• Login with Touch ID• Auto logout timer for theft prevention• Unlimited backups• Self-destruct protection• Customizable fields• Background themes• Integrated Android Wear App• Instant syncing between devices• AES-256 encryption• Zero-Knowledge security architecture• TRUSTe and SOC-2 CertifiedMedia & Customers Love Keeper• Featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, Forbes, Inc, Success, Yahoo and many more.Reviews“Everyone who is alive must have this type of password organizer for all of your crucial accounts.”“A close family relative who works for Homeland Security turned me onto this great app, which he uses all the time. I love this app and use it constantly for just about everything”“I used to write down passwords and kept them in my wallet until it was stolen! What a mess! I uploaded the Keeper application and since then my life has been less complicated.”"Password Keeper is the only thing that keeps all my passwords in order and me, sane."“Keeper is definitely the best app on the market for keeping passwords and other confidential information.”Pricing• Keeper offers free storage on your device • Unlimited Sync & Backup is free for 30 days and requires subscription thereafterQuestions?• Email [email protected] NoticeKeeper, Password Keeper and the Keeper logo are registered trademarks of Keeper Security, Inc.U.S. Patent No. 8,656,504, 8,868,932 and 8,738,934.Patents Pending.

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  • What's New/Note: What's New Introducing Keeper DNA on Android Wear! Keeper DNA is an identity verification system that makes sure the person accessing your Keeper vault is you. It's secure and easy to use. Keeper DNA is used with your master password to verify your identity. Read more
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  • Rémy Zeiss Good application But the last update erased my local data and now I'm being asked to pay the premium version if I want to retrieve them...
  • Matthew Dye Could do better recognizing sites, apps. Get rid of full screen! App and site recognition could use some improvements. One of the biggest annoyances is the lack of polish on tablets. You can see part of this even in the screenshots above - just a ton of wasted space. More troubling, however, is that, though it works in landscape mode (thankfully) it almost always uses the full screen. This might have been useful on phones circa 2010 but certainly not on tablets of 2015.
  • Clay Meuth absolute crap (never ever get!!!!!!!!) don't get this app it let's you get into it a few times then won't allow you at all. Then you only have a few failed attempts allowed before it deletes itself and they never reset. and when you click forgot password to reset it it doesn't go to your security question but it gives you a code that you have to close the app to see and when you open it back up it doesn't have the spot to type the code anymore.
  • Joshua Detiege Green Note 4 Sooo. Did yall purposefully get everyone to download it for free just to erase their pw and force them to pay to get them back?? The app was wonderful until I got sideswiped
  • Gene Coon I've been using Keeper for about 1 1/2 years. when my renewal came around, I was puzzled by the double bill I received. The Keeper Team let me know right away, that I had somehow established an account under separate emails that I use. Keeper technical staff guided me through the process required to merge the accounts. Their patience was amazing! With all the passwords and accounts that I have, as well as serial numbers etc. I could not function without Keeper. Thank you Keeper Team, especially Cherry.
  • Adrian Cox DON'T TOUCH THIS APP!! This app is not reliable. When the update was forced on us, it stopped working and I lost all my passwords. From what I'm reading of the other reviews, it seems that this happened to everyone. I'd strongly recommend that you don't use this app unless you are willing to manually keep a back up (which kind of defeats the purpose of it).