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MeowChat is a fun place to chat and meet new friends. Chat instantly with new people nearby or around the world. If your friends aren’t on MeowChat, there are millions of people on MeowChat that want to chat with you.
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  • Randomly finds friends for you and great chatting feature. Surprised they dont advertise this awesome app more. One of my favorites so far!
  • You've stripped the app from bad to worse with every updates....the app was in its prime before the fave system for one to one chats. Now , its just advertisement spams ...lots of spams
  • I like this app a lot but even if i select "nearby" as opposed to "worldwide", it still matches me with people from across the globe. Ive yet to talk to anyone in my state, let alone, in my country.
  • You guys need to advertise this app some more. The app is great, it has the potential of a really good social site. The only thing you guys should do is advertised it some more to try to make it more popular, and add some new features.
  • I'm tired of my status getting removed cuz I am saying that I will block guys for asking nude pics of me like seriously and I reported one guy but it didn't matter so I am very furious about this
  • well, there are some fakes, so please do report thanks. I would rate 5 if you would let us post videos into our profile? ♥ Thanks. Please update? Pretty Please? I'll promise I'll rate this oh and I want to add a PIC gif onto a profile picture too just so as you know, and no cropping. Thank you so much. sorry for bothering you anyhoo -kisses-