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The Official Metro-North app including real-time train status and track information, trip schedules, fares and detailed station information.Features include:- Access real-time trip information directly from Metro-North including train status, track number, and the latest service notices- Save favorite trips for one click access to daily schedules, status and track number- Get schedules that update in real-time — no need to download new timetables every time you open the app- Find out trip details including duration, transfer details, Peak / Off Peak, fares and station stops- Look up station information including location, parking, taxis and connecting services- Easy access to accessibility details including ADA compliance and elevator / escalator status for all stations- Browse the new “Discover Grand Central” page to see the latest deals from Grand Central shops and restaurants, check out upcoming events, and explore the directory map.Whether you are a daily commuter looking for up-to-date information on your usual trip or an occasional traveller trying to find the best trip option, the Train Time App is the most convenient and accurate way to plan a seamless trip.

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  • Danielle Wheaton Just one small problem The app is great about letting you know your train time and track number. However, if the train is delayed the app is really bad about letting you know how late the train will be. Sometimes the app will provide you with the delayed time (8 minutes for example). But if you check the app 3 minutes later, it will tell you your train is on time. This can get very annoying. I live very close to the train station, so those few minutes make all the difference and can cause me to miss my train.
  • Patrick G A bit slow, could use larger fonts The app takes a bit longer to respond with train times if you need a quick response in a pinch. It would also be a lot more useful if there was an option to increase the font size. For those of us who only need glasses for reading, theres NO CHANCE of using this app if you dont have them with you. It would also be helpful if you could add favorite STATIONS (as opposed to just full trips) that would show up at the top of the list when trying to plan out a new trip that isnt one you make on a regular basis.
  • Belgrave Henderson Paper schedules are still better. New version still Slow to load my favorite trips, slow to list train times. Other train app are 100% better.
  • Terry Smith Needs improvement It is sometimes incorrect. Slow to fetch data. I would be happy if it fetched data for my standard commute before i open it.
  • Chris Lee Sluggish but indispensable Provides track number ahead of time.
  • Neil Brysiewicz Good start Solid app, slightly quicker than going to the website and nice to see correct track assignments. Would be nice to change the color of the saved favorite routes and be able to add a title for quicker use, such as (mom's inbound, etc) would also be nice to add columns, such as bicycle trains.