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See videos of people around you. JustSayHi is a great new way to meet new people through videos. Upload your own video and make a match!
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  • I am trying this for the first time now, so far so good. I just dont know why when i look for new people nearby i get people from far away...
  • I live in India & when I click on new people near by even they don't show the peoples of India they show the peoples of other countries. Plz fix this problem as soon as possible.
  • Check out OnlineDatingDynamics (DOT) INFO for what u really want. This one's a utter waste of time and a scam. Sed pulvinar libero vel commodo sagittis. Cras congue nulla tortor, nec pharetra erat laoreet eu. Quisque turpis nisi, tincidunt id odio a, rhoncus molestie augue. Etiam condimentum sem sed dignissim volutpat. Aenean convallis finibus tellus quis scelerisque. Nam mauris risus, varius id nisl a, tincidunt pharetra purus. Phasellus commodo fringilla fringilla. Donec auctor viverra justo vel consequat. Vivamus vehicula nulla in nibh vestibulum commodo. Vestibulum nec lectus sit amet dui viverra faucibus. Vivamus sem dolor, sollicitudin id pulvinar molestie, aliquam nec nibh. In nec nunc ut odio pretium ullamcorper sed vitae lacus. Nullam elementum, turpis quis malesuada hendrerit, augue diam hendrerit orci, sed volutpat ipsum eros id nibh. Duis tincidunt velit vitae laoreet tempus. Curabitur arcu lectus, fermentum at enim nec, pharetra vestibulum augue. Aliquam luctus turpis vel libero egestas tincidunt. Aliquam mi neque, elementum nec tempus in, viverra ut leo. Vivamus euismod aliquet leo. Nullam nec porttitor risus. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per con.
  • I Really love this app. But now when i cant open. It always say that "server error" how to fix it please?
  • This app is very ugly, including the Logo. Not only this, but also the graphics of the app have serious bugs. When you change the page, you still have distorted shapes and colors of previous pages. There are irrelevant pixelated lines. It seems that it is not designed professionally. It is also slow and sometimes the videos don't show up.
  • The don't have a filter for the appearance name in the chat and the admin id using a user account and use the name admin . But he don't know that: any one can use the name admin or moderator too. So he banned me for 15 hours from beeing in the chat and removed all my pic .. without any pm message. . Just a message in a chat room .. and write in the banned reason ( be idiot ) and he dont know that doing that is an idiot act. It's good app with brainless administration