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  • Sometimes app starts hanging and u wont be able to click a single photo after it. And now i cant go through all the photos by swiping. Only last clicked photo can be seen.
  • When you shoot a slow motion video and when u view it in the camera app itself by dragging it to right u have the option to choose which part to play at normal speed and which part to play at slow speeds but when u view the videos henceforth in camera app or in any other viewing app , it plays the whole video in slow motion and doesn't have the option to choose some part in slow and some part in normal speed.Moreover why dont u moto ppl provide an official moto gallery like other moto devices
  • After clicking a few pics it hangs and then the lower part of screen wont work. the part that has space bar in keyboard. I still got 4 days to return the phone and i am gonna do it
  • One think that disappointing me the if i use the camera on outdoor for 5minutes then it heats up very quickly to 45℃.Am using moto g4 plus plz fix it. its a humble request to u 😐
  • While recording videos my moto g4 plus 32 gb heats up to 53+ degree and at this temperature my phone starts lagging due to 6 cores goes in sleep mode. Guys don't buy Motorola phones they are giving just costly products that are waste like garbage.
  • This app is good .. bt.. if selfie gesture timer "✌👋" is added it wud be excellent... and... after using.. 6-8 mins... d camera start to lag... plzz rectify dis issue.. in d upcoming update..