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The ★highest rating (4.7)★ period calendar!Top 1 in Health & Fitness Over 43 Countries.Top 5 in Health & Fitness Over 63 Countries.Over 40,000,000 Android Users love Period Calendar.Every woman loves Period Calendar, How great it is?---------------------------------------------------Shannon Thibodeax on Jun 15, 2015 at 10:41 AMThe best calender!!!! Love it always lets me know everything I need to know, and its never wrong.Rocio Espindola on Jun 13, 2015 at 2:27 AMLove this app With this app i was able to get pregnant.---------------------------------------------------Period Calendar, The best app to help track your period, cycle ,ovulation and the chance of pregnancy, especially useful for those women wishing to conceive, or birth control, contraceptive even have irregular periods. Also you can connect with other women if you have any questions in the nice community.Period Calendar is the easy application period tracker for irregular periods and for girls to check the pregnancy chance every day. It can track cervical mucus, BMI, intercourse, weight, temperature, symptoms or moods, just like your personal diary, help you keep fitness, lose weight, conceive and keep healthy. It also discreet remind you when you come period, fertile or ovulation, as well as remind you of taking contraceptive pills, insert rings, patch or injection. you can be exported the file to doctors.Period Calendar supports Google account, Dropbox, email or SD card to backup data, you won't lose data ever change phone or lost phone.★ Community Platform- Connect with other women- To read, reply and post messages about Health, Family, Teenager, and woman life, etc.- To communicate and exchange ideas with each other about any topics★ Pill Reminder & Period Reminder : - Customize the notification text to make it discreet, and never worry about feel awkward in public. - Set notifications date and time according to need- Notification for period, fertility and ovulation tracker- Contraceptive pill reminder (include pill, ring, patch & injection)★ Trying to get pregnant & Birth Control: - Fertile symptoms tracker, like cervical firmness, cervical mucus, cervical opening- When get pregnant, help you to track your pregnant date- When finish pregnancy, easily back to period tracker & prediction mode★ Loss Weight, Tracker Symptoms & Moods :- Weight BMI, and temperature charts- Intimacy tracker- 43 symptoms and 64 moods to choose, include cervical mucus- Body temperature chart for determine ovulation date- Smart predict your ovulation date according to the ovulation test result★ Period & Fertile Tracker:- Check pregnancy chance every day - Menstruation, Cycles, Ovulation prediction, help you have everything in plan- Cycle tracker, Period tracker for irregular periods- Period ovulation tracker, cycle tracker, fertile tracker- Ovulation Calendar- Period and ovulation tracker★ Never Lost Data:- Google Account data backup and Restoration- Backup your period data to phone or email- Restore Period tracker data from SD card and email★ Multi Account & Security:- Multi accounts for period ovulation tracker- Security protections for period tracker light contraceptive- Customer your personal period length, cycle length and ovulation, for irregular periods- Multi language to choose- View or search all notes through timeline- ForumsPeriod Calendar is very safety, contact us if you have any security question.Permissions description:-Your accounts For filling email address when setting password or backup data to email;-Network communicationFor Google account, email, Dropbox, cloud storage data backup & restoration;-System toolsThis permission is for starting up notification & widgets even reboot the phone;-Hardware controlsFor notification vibration;-Storage For writing data to SD card & reading data from SD card;

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  • File version: 1.558.106
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  • Update time: Thu, 10/01/2015 - 01:44
  • What's New/Note: What's New V1.558● Support irregular period, and irregular bleedings● Improved the temperature chart scale, more easy to read● Minor improvement for tips● Online bug fixedV1.557● Improved the temperature chart● Fixed the issue which android phone can not restore the data from iphone● Fixed the minor bug with period predictionV1.556● Improved the Temperature chart , especially fixed the issue for some users found the temperature curve is not obvious● Improved the Log page UI Read more
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  • Mayang Dwi Astrini Fantastic! I've been using the app since 2013. You know I have a slightly irregular period and after 12 months, it can give a quite predictive calculation. It's just missed 2-3 day before or after the prediction. And yes, I use it to foretell if I ever got pregnant, which is twice already. I also can track down every symptoms and medicine I had. No to mention about tracking mood and weight. Very convenient and useful. I think I'll use it for a lifetime.
  • Jamie Cook Amazing app I love it It's on point with my ovulation and monthly I've only had the app 6 weeks I got pregnant but just lost the baby last week in was five weeks in just hitting five weeks pregnant when I lost what we thought was a girl witch is what we wanted I'm trying again in october
  • Prerena Ajay I love dis app I hav a v bad prob of 4getting my dates bt dis app tellz me exact n i take precautions abt it ..... Loving it
  • Andrea Major Awesome I love this app! I like that ur able to keep ur stuff all backed up,also is real nice keeping track of ur female stuff. And got pregnant using this app twice!! So the ovulation part of it is quite accurate as well!!! :)
  • Nadia Rosa Great! This app is so convenient! Keeps track of my periods. But 1 thing, can add in the Billing Ovulation Methods in it? It would be nice if can.. overall, thumbs up! :)
  • Jessica Proctor Great app I am so scatter brained work work family life...u know how it is that this keeps everything easy