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3.0 and up
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-Added vendor by MAC lookup
The program displays the IP and MAC addresses, the names of the hosts on the your local network. Also there is a built-in scanner port (tcp) and small utility programs.
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  • Intrusive adds but hey. If I use it often enough I'll buy it.
  • How dare you call yourself a network scanner
  • Found everything I was expecting it to
  • Display all device perfectly
  • Easy able to tell who is hooked up to your network
  • EDIT: Thanks for the response. The netmask is now picked up correctly, and the scan seems to cover the extended range, but unfortunately, hosts are missing, as the arp table fills up at 1023 entries. Contrary to my first post, I suspect you are doing a ping scan, not an arpsweep (but of course, the OS must arp-lookup before each ping). Nothing you can do about this without root, I guess, so not your fault, but the program could give a warning if >>1023 hosts are to be probed! One thing, it would be nice to group ipaliased devices together (i.e. entries with the same MAC address) .... I've moved you up a star! cheers, Jamie END EDIT. Should show results as they come in. Also, my netmask is shown as CIDR /24 whilst it is actually /16. Also misses off many hosts, which kinda defeats the point.. Also, Ipv6 would be nice! EDIT: Yeah, appears to be an arpsweep of the /24 not /16 ...