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  • When Straight talk reduces my speed to 0.04, I have a hard time getting any websites 2 come up. This app does help. Raises it to 0.05 or 6. Wish it was a little higher but it does make where your going come up faster than without it. Will use until I find another app that works better, if there is one.
  • I have been using this app for a few years now and it is a great help when you're in an area with poor reception, but really need to send a message or use cell data. Although, phones have become increasingly more reliable, they're far from perfect -- that's where this app comes into play. Don't expect the app to miraculously give you full 4G signal in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, but you can be sure you will have the strongest connection possible when you need it most.
  • Hi team thanks for this we handy app iv dropped my phone a few times so been lossing signal with wifi and network and this seemed to help both problems well til i get a new phone but will be sure to install it on next phone and mention your app to frinds.thanks and keep up the good work
  • I truthfully did NOT expect this to work. Thought it was gonna be a scam designed to throw ads at me but decided to try it because of the favorable rating. I'm not sure what their trick is but I absolutely have a better signal and service inside a building where I couldn't get it before! Love this app! Thanks so much!
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 /Verizon ....I had always less than a partial signal bar ,and most dropped calls in the home. I have now just two, but I am impressed. I have been with ALLTEL and Verizon since 2001, this is the best it's been! Thanks!
  • Simple, I averaged a 2.1 to 3.9 mbps increase all over Southern California from Malibu to Pomona and the end of Orange County to the most Southern point. All in all a Fantastic improvement in download and equally impressive uploads speeds. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY ;)