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• New Sneak Peek feature takes a photo of an intruder after three failed login attempts.
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  • So far I am enjoying the feel if security. I can control which apps I lock. So, if I let someone use my phone I don't have to worry about intrusive behavior.
  • I am also using LastPass. Whenever I restart my phone (Samsung S5, Android 6.0.1), the LastPass service that performs web page form fills is turned off. I also noticed the Norton App Lock service is also turned off. It only does this when the LastPass form fill service is turned on prior to restarting phone. So to bypass Norton's app lock functionality all I have to do is restart my phone. After doing so, I notice both the LastPass and Norton services are turned off. Not sure why. Not good.
  • this app has it and does it all seamlessly BRAVO, EVEN I CAN USE IT
  • No one should be without the suite of products/apps from Norton specifically designed to ensure your safety while online. Love their ease of use, set up, and consistency. I will never be without the Norton apps!!!
  • It crashes regularly, is clunky to use, and severely slows down phone performance. I'd give it zero stars if I could.
  • On my samsung when i for example put on app lock for skype,open up skype but dont put in the password then open up my multi window thing to see what apps are open i can see all my msg's on skype!!