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  • …it really needs to be able to decrypt to a file. Encrypted files are not always text, plus there's some content I'd rather not want to forget in my clipboard.
  • the only app I can find that let's you set a custom key size awesome!. but I am unable to encrypt multiple files at the same time. says something about limitation on current Android, when I try to encrypt multiple files any ideas any fix coming??
  • Works perfect! A bit slow.
  • Don't forget to backup the keys that you create in this app to somewhere safe. The backup keys function creates an encrypted file of your public and secret keys and protects them with random key that you should remember (hint: screen capture it). If you want to use openpgp in your pc, ie windows, in your pc, you can then decrypt this file using gpg4win using the above random password (you need to add dash "-" every 6 letters group), then import the public and secret keys.
  • Basically I have been using GPA on my windows computer and i backed up my private key so that I can restore it on my mobile. Its saved default as a .ASC file but i keep getting an error when trying to restore it on this application. Please help!
  • Glitch in the yubikey creation corrupted my yubikey to where my static password and NFC stopped working. I contacted yubikey and they are giving me a new one.