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  • I have some hormonal imbalances so this app is helpful for tracking my cycle since I am no longer on the pill and my period is so irregular. However, I wish the projected period updated on the calendar when your days prompts a change in the fertile window.
  • My husband and I decided we were ready to expand our family and I must say, we would've been completely lost without this app. The info and insight is great. The calendar keeps me organized. The layout ave color scheme is absolutely adorable yet functional. Overall i LOVE it. Can't wait to get my positive so i can start using their pregnancy app *fingers crossed*
  • I tried close to 50 different apps trying to find one that would accommodate my highly irregular periods. Almost none of them did, but Ovia does! Not only that, but this has -by far- the best, most detailed daily log, super easy to use, and has all kinds of great info that I never could have kept track of on my own. This has changed my life, I will be able to go back to my doc now with real, substantial info to figure out how to treat my period irregularities. App itself works great and is intuitive.
  • I love this app.. it's a must have if ttc or even if your trying not to...
  • Has much more data to log in than most other apps.
  • I really love this app. I just wish that there was away for it to keep track of your predicted period even when you start your period on a different date instead of it moving to when you say you start.