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  • And finally an app with equally great UI and usability. With the app finally released there's no need to open your protonmail account on random PCs, which is an added security feature. P.S Proud to be one of the beta testers.
  • Everything is amazing, as always, just one important recommendation, It needs the optional ability to store the mailbox (2nd) password offline, thus increasing useability, satisfaction, and ultimately, your PROFIT :) HOWEVER, you should advise them to, and provide them instructions on how to, Encrypt their device.
  • Works as described, no noticeable battery drain, intuitive interface. My only concern is the longevity of the account. Will this be something that will last for years (like a gmail) or... Months like (blanking on the name of one of those transient services)? I also wish it would do fingerprint verification when it launches. But this just launched... That's an unfair request.
  • It works but has glitches in multiple places, including notifications, cache refreshing, checking net connection.
  • App works well but I hope it gets support for email threads soon. Also I can see that there is no ProtonMail account created which means that the synchronization and contact synchronization won't support advanced Android features (optimized syncing, OS width contact visibility, merging contact information from multiple sources, ...). I can imagine that that can be because of security but at least there should be an option to enable it if the user wants. Also a PIN to access the app would be nice.
  • Great app, elegant design. Secure, encrypted, zero admin access to your data. Protonmail has word tirelessly to bring us the greatest solution to encrypted, secure email, and fights for our right to remain private and secure in our communications.