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  • This camera and app are horribly limiting. Selling it immediately. Too many steps to see a photo and I can't get it into the computer. Frustratingly bad design. Images suck as well.
  • This is a great camera. It's almost perfect, but please update either the camera firmware or this app to do a live preview of what the camera is seeing since it already has wifi connectivity. Also it's great if we can do the video stitching thru this mobile app or if it can be done internally inside the camera. Lastly, can we have a lower shutter speed like 5-10 secs please. This would allow us to do night shots on a tripod. Update: Ricoh just released Theta S with live streaming and bulb mode!
  • Easy to use
  • The functionality of the Ricoh Theta is great. The quality of the resulting images is decent, although the resolution is a bit low. The Ricoh Theta application is fairly reliable, but usability leaves a lot to be desired. Generally, the app requires much too much interaction and management of things like when to connect to WiFi, transferring images, etc. The HTC Re, which in many ways works in a similar way, is much less of a headache. It would be nice if the app had the option of simply copying the images into a folder on the phone when idle. Given that the Theta images are compatible with Google Photosphere, syncing all photos automatically to Google Photos would also make life much easier.
  • Well done easy to use.
  • I hate this app. It's unintuitive and having to pair your phone with the theta via WiFi is so idiotic and cumbersome. It's call Bluetooth, guys. Maybe look into it?