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  • The app is already exclusive to few flagship phones why limit the 4K stitching on S7 only. I don't mind longer waiting for Note 5 as long as it's 4K. Also please update the stitching algorithm on both the App and Gear360 camera firmware, stitching lines are very prominent sometimes and inconsistent. Also please add the geotag in the unstitched photos and videos inside the camera. The geotag are only placed after transferring to phone.
  • Trouble connecting. When connected, delays or trouble getting live view to load. Also, can't force files to store on Phone's SD Card. Fine with storing also on camera, but forces internal space when it is imported to phone.
  • Love everything about it so far. It needs an option to save video/photo to SD card. Right now, after 'Saving' the video, it doesn't show up in 'Mobile Device' because it saved it to internal storage. My photos/videos reside on the SD card. The app is correctly lookinig on the SD card for the saved video, but doesn't find it. I have to manually copy the file from internal storage to SD card using 'My Files'. It then shows up under 'Mobile Device' as well as in my 'Gallery'. But everything else works like a charm! i have a S7 Edge
  • After taking photo, press save, at around 50% - 75% the save fails. I try 5 more times and the app crashes. Open app again and after a few attempts it EVENTUALLY saves the image to the phone. Why does it need to resize to 25mp to automatically save to phone (which doesn't work anyway??)
  • Installed on S6 Active. When prompted to activate Samsung Accessory Service, I get an error saying app is not available for your device
  • The app gets stuck in loading screen on galaxy s6 when trying to connect to Gear 360. It also causes the camera to not react.