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v20.1.80-81 update includes:
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  • Voice recording will be cut off when taking a picture. I do not have the same issue on my iPhone.
  • I get a "network currently unavailable" error message when using Voice Memo, and that's when connected to WiFi. It's to bad it relies so heavily on the Internet, because apparently that's really holding it back; to the point where it's pointless to use.
  • Developer; Make saved voice records backup in Samsung Accounts, just as other logs currently do. When I alternatively utilized third-party cloud storage to backup voice recordings then downloaded back onto my new Samsung, the phone mislabeled the dates as current. Unacceptable! Dates do not change for legal purposes. Also, please add locations to voice recordings, as other recorded videos and materials do. It needs to be location logs, in case a voice recording began in one place, but ended somewhere else.
  • I like this recorder. But it needs setting options. The ability to change from light to dark. A widget for this recorder would be nice.
  • I like the older version this one sucks balls because it wont allow you to click certain areas to move throughout your recordings. The app forces you to listen to the whole recording and wait for the part you're looking for. Please fix when the new update comes along
  • If you are interrupted while playing back a recording and you pause it...once you return to your recording to continue listening it will start from beginning . How ridiculous and irritating that! This is supposed to be upgraded and improved?! Bring back the same version as S5