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- We squashed a few pesky bugs.
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  • MasaAllah guys kudos! Please stop complaining about database people, instead help add products by taking images and ingredient lists. if u can't buy this app for 2 bucks then shame on you! 2 bucks for a cause? or would you rather but a 4 dollar latte? We can do it! Ranting because I'm tired of seeing kosher symbols, why can't there be Halal symbols? We as a ummah are not very united it seems unfortunately.
  • But by far thee SLOWEST app ever. I'll be in a good wifi area or even using 4g and it takes FOREVERR to scan things. Even if I type in the Barcode. It's a bit awkward when I'm in the grocery store or gas station and the cashier is just starting at me like why is this girl in her phone for this long? And there's alot of glitches but I love the thought behind this app ! I want to see it grow jAk
  • just need to add some functions like see last 100 scanned products in a list and some products made in different places or country and need to mention that country also need to add more products...thanks
  • App is great but I can't get in touch with support I sent 2 emails already because I bought the app and I can't access the custom settings.
  • I've contacted customer service regarding restoring my purchase. I finally got a reply. They tell me that in 1-2 business days I should up and running. That was on Nov 14. It's been two weeks and they still haven't restored my purchase. I don't understand how bad customer service they have. I paid for the app and they can't even restore my purchase just because I updated to a new phone. I'm still using the same Google account I purchased it from. Very bad service. I want my money refunded.
  • Having said that, it is VERY SLOW at detecting the actual barcode. There is a significant delay even on a very good data connection and good phone camera (Nexus 6). Also, it would be great if the app would searching for food by title also.