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Put a personal shopper in your pocket with ScanLife so you’ll always get the information you want most. Scan any product’s barcode, QR Code or Microsoft Tag and we’ll quickly find you more about it including prices and reviews. You’ll also have access to a selection of the latest discounts, deals and special offers from thousands of national and local stores that change based on your interests. Get hand-picked offers and content from the products you love or want. Scan a product UPC barcode, we’ll help you find a variety of information:- Find and compare prices from your favorite stores like Amazon, Toys R Us, Macy’s, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and purchase right from your phone (depending on location)- Check-out product reviews & see what others are saying- Earn mPoint rewards as you scan QR Codes and barcodes that can be redeemed for real gift cards (US only)- Save all your scanning activity in your History and like products to save to Favorites.- Sync with Facebook to save your scanning history.- NOTES ON PERMISSIONS - We take your privacy seriously, so it is important to understand why we ask for certain permissions. Most of the permissions you see are to deliver QR Code content to your device like contact details or dialing a phone call if you choose to. "INTERNET": The app connects to the Internet to show content after you scan a barcode."ACCESS WIFI STATE and ACCESS NETWORK_STATE":The app verifies if a network connection is available in order to connect to the Internet."CAMERA":The app uses the camera to scan barcodes. "ACCESS FINE LOCATION": Location is used to give you more relevant information like local prices when available. You will be prompted before Location data is used."GET ACCOUNTS"This is used to send periodic push notifications for deals and offers. You can disable this from the app settings under Notifications.

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  • What's New/Note: What's New - Completely new design! We worked very hard to upgrade your experience and make it easier than ever to use ScanLife.- Please send any feedback or issues to [email protected] Read more
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  • Brutus Undercroft Pretty handy for archiving any collection. I've been using it to verify details of my CD collection. While more obscure releases don't garner much info from Scan Life, most do -- all the way down to UPC and EAN numbers. Newer releases even have the full calendar date.
  • Christina Martin Works ok under the right conditions. Your bar code needs to be the right size and you should use a tripod because of the Uber slow focusing. As long as you follow these guidelines and don't expect to find your item in their database it works fine.
  • Georganne Blazier Works great! It is good for finding product info as well as local and Internet deals. The only thing I don't care for is all the messages it sends you on a product you have scanned. I will often scan something simply for more information rather than to find low prices. Yet I will get all these notifications on a product just because I scanned it. It would be nice if you could disable the messaging and/or notifications you receive after scanning a product.
  • Stephanie Patrom Doesn't work The concept is awesome! However, I have tried numerous times over the past month to scan/search products. I've only scanned ONE item that actually gave me any information. I would use this app all the time...if it worked. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved soon. Otherwise, it's useless.
  • lisa d'arcy First, I chose ScanLife above other scanning apps because it's affiliated with mPoints. I used it daily and recommended it any time anyone asked. Since the update on 17 August '15, most of the mPoints available achievements are, in fact, completely unavailable. Second, too many products are coming up ... well, they're not coming up at all, and that's very frustrating. I see that many other people have the same complaints, so I hope these issues will be addressed soon.
  • BRYAN HUGHES Having fun with it so far. Let the wind blow and see if I save money for my family.