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Added a sleep timer and improved compatibility.
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  • Far exceeded expectations. 3rd one I tried... first 2 were garbage and I thought they all might be. Very happy with the download. Also nice they don't want your contact list, media files, first born, etc. Thanks to the producer.
  • Instead of always turning on the TV to see the same old stuff, I am really enjoying listening to the local sheriffs broadcast.
  • Real time broadcasting,very clear sound. I Love this app, it is always clear and it works every time night or day. Love it..
  • I have a professional scanner, but I like to have one to listen on the go. BTW: in NY state, it's illegal to have a scanner in the car, but a phone. Just turn it off, lol. A long time ago, I was pulled over for the reason of: the cop wondered why I was so far from home. What, having two houses is a crime? Cop just came across two women past midnight. I had my security uniform on, as I just got off work. Jerk.
  • I'm 35 miles from KC nothing. Tried Iowa got some buzzing noise. Uninstalled
  • This scanner is the best I've ever came across with a larger selection and very clean sound. And if the sound is fuzzy it gives you the option to adjust the broadcast. Also the most accurate to the actual live frequency. Love it thank you to the dev who had created the app.