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FREE antivirus, internet security, and identity protectionWebroot SecureAnywhere® Mobile keeps you secure when browsing, shopping, and banking on your Android™ device. It locates and locks lost or stolen devices, and automatically scans your apps for threats and malicious behavior.AV TEST Certified with 100% malicious app detectionOver 1.5 million mobile devices are protected by Webroot SecureAnywhere® Mobile - get protected now.MOBILE SECURITY► Automatically scans apps for malware and viruses► Set it and forget it – continuous protection without battery drain, interruptions or slowdowns► Real-time anti-phishing identifies and blocks fake websites that trick you into entering your personal information► Warns you about infected websites before you visit them► Blocks unwanted calls and text messages► Social network protection including Facebook and TwitterLOST DEVICE PROTECTION► Lock – Remotely lock your device if lost or stolen► Locate – See your device’s GPS location► Scream – Sound an alert to help you find your device nearby*3G, 4G, or wifi connection required for lost device featuresRAVE REVIEWS★ Named One of the PCWorld's Best Free Android Apps of 2011 -PCWorld★ “Webroot offers advanced features not found in competing products.”—PC Magazine★ “Best of the security applications for Android phones.”—Tech of Web★ “A must for Android users.”—UberphonesPREMIER PAID FEATURESFor the following enhanced mobile antivirus and other premier security features, please visit Webroot SecureAnywhere® Mobile Premier at• Device Wipe – Remotely erase your data from the device if lost or stolen • SIM Card Lock – Automatically locks your device when the SIM card is removed • Network Monitor – Provides details of apps that are accessing the network • Battery Monitor – Provides battery status and power usage by apps• App Inspector – Scans all apps and identifies those that can:- Access your email and SMS messages- Cost you money- Access sensitive information- Track your location- Drain your batteryLEARN MORE• More info on SecureAnywhere Mobile:• Troubleshoot issues with installation or logging in:• Need support?:

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  • Isabella Ruiz I love it I believe that this app Webroot is the best antivirus ive ever had. It doesn't drain battery, it keeps viruses from getting on your phone, and its easy to use. The only thing I would suggest is that you make your own uninstaller. I've had viruses in the past and whenever it finds it, and I want to delete it..,it just says uninstall unsuccessful. It always uses the android uninstaller. Please make one which will actually remove the virus. Other than that I think its great.
  • Ethan West Latest version uses double battery Went from 3% battery usage to 7% on my HTC m9. Would love to get that back down if possible but would rather be protected if not
  • Debbie McWilliams Love This App!! I have this installed on my desktop, laptop, tablet and my phone and have had it for over 5 years.It really does it's job.I've never had any problems.
  • Amanda DeMasters Keeps failing Everyday, at the same exact time, it fails. I send a feedback message, but it is ignored. I pay for the service through my pc so though I downloaded the free app I have an upgraded version somehow. I feel like I am no where close to getting my money's worth when every day, multiple times a day my Antivirus fails!! And when I can basically set an alarm to it as well.
  • christina demello Love it, but I never give five stars for anything We have had webroot on our computers since we bought our second one about ten years ago. I wanted a virus protection program that scanned behind games and this one was recommended to us by Best Buy. When we bought our third computer, we got webroot again. Both times it came with our computer package. Since we already had an account putting it in our new computer was easy to do. Now that I have a tablet I have it on there too. I feel better about using my tablet knowing that it's protected from viruses.
  • Casi London Superior Super Hero! The best ever! Let's you know when an app you've downloaded changes its status and becomes a Trojan..... Straight to QUARANTINE!