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Bug fixes.
SharesFinder is intended for scanning wireless local networks for shared resources (SMB, FTP, HTTP). You can explore SMB resources directly by SharesFinder, HTTP resources with Android browser and FTP resources with another tool supporting this protocol (FtpCafe or AndFTP).
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  • Has a habit of shoving .free dating. App in your face BUT actually let's you connect to windows share and Tx files (unlike dozens of other apps with similar descriptions that won't or can't do the job) NB to force it into 'seeing' your server, restrict it's scan address to that IP only and it will offer you chance to enter Windows user name and password
  • It does find my NAS drive, which a lot don't, but it only find the ftp andWeb interfaces. I can see on the NAS interface that SMB is enabled and all of my Windows machines can connect to the device. I can ftp to the device but it beats me why SMB doesn't work
  • This is an excellent app. Shows details of found shares and allows connection. Works without a hitch.
  • This is a great app and provides me with the information I need. I find interesting that with all the trash out there - free or otherwise - here is an app you can try out for free and even have the option of blocking the add for a month; and yet after some people give it a poor rating because the find something else they like better this one is no longer any good. It doesn't matter how another app performs. This one is very good and liking another because it's free doesn't make this one flawed.
  • this app dum ..but can DO SO MUCH MOTE for Free if need be.
  • Super for finding network shares. Scaning of connected devices with OS indication. Does what it's designed for.