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Added a settings button for all those awkward phones/tablets that have hidden their soft menu key!
This is an application which shows the names of hills and mountains superimposed over the camera view (augmented reality!). Contains 205,485 peaks from all over the world! A version just for the UK also exists (for those who prefer a smaller database - see link below).
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  • This is a great start and I'm really looking forward to future improvements. The ability to take screenshots of the view will be nice. Even just being able to freeze the view would be helpful. I'd like to see some preferences build in so the font color/size can be changed. On a cloudy day the white font is hard to read in camera mode. What I'd really love to see is the ability to capture a scene, recall it later and be able to interact with it. If I could zoom into a picture and see the names appear on more distant peaks as I zoom towards them in the picture, that would be pretty cool.
  • Good start
  • After I got the calibration correct it was dead-on accurate and could identify even the smallest Hills on the horizon. Well done!
  • Now I know the names of all those hills around me.
  • [updated: the database problem has been fixed (very quickly)] The introduction text is really too long for such a simple app. Should just directly display the calibration the first time and the user can read the help text later if he wants to. The FOV calibration should make it more clear that there is a red band on the border. Didn't notice it first. In addition once you've tapped, the text should update (to say that the second part of the calibration is going on), to let the user know that the tap was registered. Unfortunately, it seems my phone doesn't have enough RAM for the app to run smoothly so I couldn't test it further. Nevertheless the idea seems good and it's open source so I give 3 stars :-)
  • not works