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  • The amount of lag this game has is unreal. Phone or pc, doesnt matter, it lags. Make servers, cheap devs. With all that ad revenue there's no reason you can't improve this.
  • It's so glichy and you should make another one like the same but no glich
  • That's why I don't like the game is so hard to control need to do something for this thing
  • ITS GOOD AT FIRST BUT THEN IT JUST GETS U MAD I KNOW THAT 4 people killed themselves over this game because it was too stressful plz ban game it is law to ban a game if someone's death is because of it
  • awsome game but way too much lag going on. It affects you in when your big or trying to get big. Lag needs to be fixed
  • It is frustrating annoying and you would get into it and it logs you out. You get back in and you play it, when u die it doesn't load and you need to restart the process . Please don't download. I'm mostlikely deleting now:( as soon as you die the first time it doesn't let you go in. Btw I mean the new version