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Spider Solitaire by Brainium is the #1 Spider Solitaire game on Android, now available for free!If you love Windows Spider Solitaire, you're going to love Spider Solitaire by Brainium even more!Spider Solitaire by Brainium is from the makers of one of the most popular spider card games on the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod.We kept Spider Solitaire true to the spirit of the classic game, and crafted a carefully designed app with sharp and clean visuals. We specifically optimized the game for Android phones and tablets of all screen sizes, for an unmatched solitary experience. For a personal touch, you can also become the star of your Spider game and select your own photos to create custom backgrounds and decks of cards. If you love Spider Solitaire, Klondike Solitaire, Freecell, or any other Patience card games, don't miss out on the best Spider Solitaire for your phone and tablet! Just give the game a try, and we promise Spider Solitaire free by Brainium is the most beautiful and user friendly Spider you've ever played. Highlights: ♦ 1 suit♦ 2 suits♦ 4 suits♦ Spiderette♦ Smart hints♦ Unlimited undo ♦ Auto complete♦ Game Statistics♦ Portrait and Landscape♦ Interruption friendly with auto-save and resume ♦ Custom themes from your own photos♦ Fun and surprising Achievements♦ Phone and Tablet support♦ Install to SD card ( App2SD )If you enjoy our Spider Solitaire App, check out our other card games: Klondike Solitaire and FreeCellContact our Five Star support with your questions regarding Spider Solitaire: [email protected] us on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/BrainiumStudios

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  • File name: com.brainium.spiderfree1443074515[www.apkdigg.co].apk
  • File version: 1.3.2
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  • Update time: Thu, 09/24/2015 - 13:53
  • What's New/Note: What's New Thanks for playing Spider Solitaire :)- Fixed stretched startup screen on most devices- Bug fixes- Fixes & improvements for the newest devices and versions of Android Read more
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  • Ebony Archer Great Game The BEST Spider Solitaire! I have tried others, but this is the only one left on my phone. The only other game app I have is also by Brainium -- Sudoku. Both these games keep me entertained. No need for in-app purchases either, what a relief!
  • K OConnor So addicting!! Play over & over EVERY DAY! It's also my bed time ritual, I just HAVE to play b4 going to sleep...I like that I can use my pics for the cards and background. Some reviews mention the ads, I don't keep my data/Wi-Fi on so I save my battery, that also helps with no ads
  • Shellfire Grayson Good game, bad layout Nice gameplay and unintrusive ads. This would be 5 stars if it didn't have so much wasted space at the top on landscape mode). Put the deck at the side and hide the completed suits (no need to see them) and give the playing area more space!
  • James Paul Finally, a easy, good spider solitaire game This is the best solitaire game people have made. It has great hints, you can choose any background you want, and to me it creates a new solitaire. You can play it for hours without getting bored. I also love all the new features.
  • A Google User Great! Lots of fun!
  • Logan & Sarah Walters Great! Love this game! I download it to every device I have because its a mist have! Runs smooth, nice animation, good settings and fun achievements!