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  • When using Substratum, and the Spectrum theme, the theme just won't apply. I've read the installation guide. Ive deleted old layers and overlays folders. I've read the apps description. Ive read the development thread on G+. I've watched several videos on YouTube. It compiles fine, but the app doesn't give me the option to enable selected theme. instead there is an option that says "remove all existing"
  • After messing with the app for a while and finding my way around the controls, I have to say its pretty good. Everything is fast and I like not having to reboot anymore to apply. The information on the Substratum FAQ G+ community is great info and should be read before using. I've had a few hiccups but I know there are bugs here and there. More than likely the theme(s) I'm using are causing me the problems, not Substratum. Again, good app and good work to the devs who created it.
  • I flashed back to Android N , rooted, and any issues I had before disappeared. I don't think nexus pure is compatible even though they said it was. I still prefer layers for simplicity, but this seems to have potential and works fine .
  • What was wrong with layers? This is so much more complicated, slow, and confusing. Why do theme apps always have to change. Tired of this. Well it also freezes constantly.
  • I dont know why,,but its very slow,while building some cache and apllying theme. its take more time too..
  • Substratum is THE coolest, MOST beautiful eyeball bending feat of dev wizardry cleverly disguised as an Android app! Applied an elfin set of attributes effortlessly on first launch to test. The passion creatives put into this work is evident! Substratum, yet in its infancy, delivers the goods. SubDevTeam Rox!