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Try survive and travel to safety. Wilderness survival themed simulation where you need to decide how you spend your time and what action is most crucial for you now in order to survive: building a shelter, finding food, water, traveling, collecting firewood...This game requires VIBRATE permission that is used in certain in-game events.--- ALPHA DEVELOPMENT ---The game is in alpha development. It's a fancy sounding word for meaning I get to break whatever stuff I want in each release. Then fix them in the next. And the next. Bad Stuff gets removed. Good stuff gets improved. --- COMING IN NEXT VERSION ---September 27 - Adding more ways to get water. Balancing hydration/etc more. Making sure all existing stuff works. *Possibly* first versions/attempt of Save/continue.--- ROADMAP ---Version 'WE ARE SAVED' on Some Day of September (Save/continue game).--- PUBLISHED RELEASES ---Sep 13 - Alpha Version 0.22 'BALANCE'Small adjustments on the water/hydration system. Craftable raincatcher. Old campsite now might yield a garbage bag. Get water from morning dew. Few tweaks here and there. Alpha Version 0.18 'LOOK AT ALL THESE BUGS!' on Sep 6th * Sorry, promised Sep 4th but I need couple of more days to fix & test! Sep 6 it'll be. Fix stuff I broke in v0.15 :> ,Forced auto-sleep to be gone, Icons have labels again, Hours/etc info is back, Trying to fix Zenfone crash problem, Owl sound to indicate night, No more condition, now there's Energy + Hydration + Body heat, Water system (first attempt, needs work), Tons of other stuff and tweaks and whanot.Alpha Version 0.15 'THAT WAS A MESS' on August 31, 2015*Planned features: new core mechanics get changes: stamina/calories vs energy, food to have less meaning to survive, crafting gets tweaked, fish/traps tweaks, shelter system, few new locations, possibility to find berries, new day/night system, renewed UI, background images, and much moreAlpha Version 0.14 'HERE BUGGY BUGGY BUGGY' on July 31st (fixed a bug: uncookable squirrels).Alpha Version 0.13 'LET'S EAT ALL THE BUGS' on July 30th (Bow drill, ember bundle and few other bug fixes, new starting gear (duct tape, butane lighter, survival manual pages), wood to inventory, new crafting recipes, small calories tweaks, new locations (one special, one regular))Alpha Version 0.12 'THERE'S SOMETHING OUT THERE' on July 27th - Random encounters/events, new location system, new starting gear, renewed fish/wood/shelter/traps, rope making in the wilderness, actions now actually require timeAlpha version 0.10 & 0.11 - Fixed gear, squirrel, traps, campfirestuff, back button, walking, fishing et cetera and added new starting gear.Alpha version 0.9 - Fixed fishing (in v0.8 there was a bug that prevented catching any fish)Alpha version 0.8 - Crappy permission workaround, squirrels can be cooked now, random starting gear, tweaked few things, better info on campfire (strong wind), back button works better on some devices, calories text should not appear on top of stamina, better shelter means better resting. Alpha version 0.7 - New version based on the LDJAM. New content, traps, crafting, fire creating tools, gear, new campfire system and more... (required permissions due crappy Unity3D game engine bug)Alpha version 0.6 - Please turn on sounds. LDJAM game prototype made in less than 72 hours.

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  • File name: com.sandbaygames.survive1443943093[].apk
  • File version: 0.33
  • File size: 23.32 MB
  • File md5: 5622f136313c5c7084ba1ab79e1cfaa0
  • File sha: edad39306c40852d8b483b3fefaf01e78cd72feb
  • Update time: Sun, 10/04/2015 - 15:18
  • What's New/Note: What's New - Experimental Save/load game (fixed campfire issue, saves most of the game state, missing couple of things, spoil food temporal fix, fixed minor campfire issue, fixed trap issue)- Location handling has been renewed (better locations in the first 10 days or so)- No more constant rain- Catch rainwater (need piece of cloth, and it must be raining)- Energy no longer forces rest, instead everything takes twice as much time when you have no energy Read more

  • File name: com.sandbaygames.survive1443371772[].apk
  • File version: 0.22
  • File size: 23.32 MB
  • File md5: b8ef81abe787ca4e30a60bbe8bb36a73
  • File sha: 4c8c657953650a9e3b80f8238cd44e518c553e4f
  • Update time: Mon, 09/28/2015 - 00:33
  • What's New/Note: What's New Version 0.22- Hydration / Bodyheat reserves doubled- Bodyheat now goes down mainly on night time (but more than earlier then)- Craftable raincatcher if you have a plastic bag (and a shelter)- Morning dew as water source (need piece of cloth)- Fixed potential crash bug- One raincatcher bug fixed :) Read more
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  • Evan willmas Ideas I like the ideas you are going to incorporate, but (once the main things like saving are done) you should ad a sandbox mode. I mean it will be a while before it is added. Sandbox mode would be like you start with every materiel, unlimited carrying compacity, etc. and you would just have to survive, no goal. Anyways its just an idea. -Me
  • MaGiC d3rP I love it BUT So i got the game yesterday BUT i keep dying from dehydration because i dont know how to get a garbage bag... Is it every time you spawn you get random stuff and you have a chance to acquire it or am i missing something please reply
  • kay oh Getting better! Keep going! Ideas: red up, blue down arrows for heat gain/loss, no arrow for stabilized body temp? Small fish in creek/big ones in the lake? Light rain/thunder storm, wind/breeze sounds? Great job so far!
  • Cyd E Fantastic, super addicting, easy to learn game!!! :D The simplicity makes it easy to get the hang of. Already shared with others and got them hooked. I with there was a way to know how much energy was required for and action/travel so I knew if I should rest first. Being able to travel back to where I had set up camp, so if I traveled to a creek to get want I could get back to my site. Love the game! Can't wait to see it continue to grow and get better! :)
  • jj b Awesome game Great game, i finally beat it :) could you add a mode where you are further away. Or create more than one net bag. At 1 point i had tons of food, could there be a risk of attracting wild animals while you sleep that steal your food? And i also noticed you can keep your character awake at no fault as long as you keep eating. Having that taken away would add a new dynamic. Either way, fantastic
  • San Ha Kim Good concept I like the simplicity of the game and I enjoy the game. But some parts aren't quite realistic e.g. cooked meat doesn't rot in 3 hrs; and some parts are wasting time like when I go to collect water with no empty bottles I have to wait for 15 minutes progress bar to fill only for it to say that I have no empty bottles