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Total Automation, From Settings to SMS.
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  • This is by far my most favorite app of all time. The things this app makes possible is unbelievable!! If your device is rooted this app along with Secure Settings is the must have. I no longer need custom ROM's, Just root and use this to make my phone completely customized just the way I want. I will say if your not someone who is computer savvy this maybe a scary looking app to start... However there are allot of resources on the web to make you a pro using tasker in no time.
  • If you have a minimal amount of programming aptitude, Tasker opens up a world of possibilities to make your smartphone even smarter. It's not always the most intuitive interface, and it can be quirky sometimes, but if you can imagine it, there's a good chance Tasker can do it.
  • I have found a bug in a recent update. When choosing "Silent Mode" in "Audio Action" it only gives the option for "off" or "vibrate". I have a previous version of tasker in my S3 and there is an extra option to turn Silent Mode "on" when I got the S5 the new version of tasker came along with this missing parameter. Other than this one change I love tasker. I use it every day and am constantly making new tasks for myself. When this is addressed I will for sure give it 5 stars!
  • Among other thing I use it for I work a day and night shift pattern and so set tasker to read a Google calendar I set up for working, sleeping and commuting and applying a profile preset for each one. Took time to set up, but once done I only had to manage my rarely changing calendar. Its complex if you want it to be, but so useful even for light use.
  • Very pleased with the app and what it can do but it causes the Stamina function on the Sony Z3 Compact not to work - phone gave a message saying that it couldn't use Stamina because Tasker was running and that I should disable the app. Any suggestions on how I can get the software & hardware to work together 100% of the time?