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9.13 Updates
Unlock the secrets of the Land of Afer. Explore the open world, fight in intense 3 v 3 battles and capture and train 200 unique Terra Monsters!
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  • Offline 1 star(I don't have WiFi all the time),easier to catch 1 star really the monsters are too hungry even they really down,can I step at least 30 steps without popping monsters at the middle of the road 1 star,and 2 stars for if you defeat wild Terra you get Terra coins cause its hard to buy lots of bait if defeat Terra ranchers that's in the story line
  • No HD Textures In Battle, All The Icons Are Not In HD, Way To Many Ads, Every Other Game Charges $0.99 To Remove Ads, U Charge $1.99. There Is No Background Music While Walking Around And I Asure You I Have Both The Music Boxes Checked. Very Very UnFinished Game.
  • I will give 5 star for sure coz the previous terra monster is very cool game. But I cant creat character in terra monster 2 i dont know why, my internet is great. And what is cloud anyway? Do i need to register there?
  • Idk if it's only me but it's irritating when you had connection but it says not, and the bait its just too much and by the way you can keep getting money with crystal and special item, many game which free did that and they're doing fine that's all from me
  • Tell me how does the story go from saving a village to taking a trial? I only played the first 5-10mins of it and its sad how u forget about the dying village lol. But i do love the monster designs aswell as the battle system encluding the skill system.
  • So many bugs, effort didnt decrease when upgrade skill, ex: effort 140(-35) when in fight its still 140..pls fix and i give 5 star back..