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Do you want to know if your neighbor is stealing your Wifi? Are you sure nobody is spying your Wifi communications? Do you wonder is someone is using your internet connection without your permission?
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  • The programme gives you the IP and the MAC addresses of the connected sets. It has 2 drawbacks: It does not give the name of connected sets & when you switch off any mobile, it keeps indicating that it is still connected
  • Every time I go in it shows the roots of the devices connected but not the type of devices and it doesnt show the name I gave it one star even though it doesnt deserve it
  • Showing how many devices are connected, but it is not showing the name of the devices, shows it require root to show names, but not sure how to add this app to super user? Please help
  • This does exactly what is supposed to do, entertain. IT'S Made by, Get This: HTS ENTERTAINMENT! Anyone who is a troll and has rated this a 1 star or less is too stupid too live and should take themselves out!
  • It was good but I have root permission and it would not give me names of the devices please fix and I will keep
  • Doesn't work... I tried on my nexus 5, not rooted, and nothing. Than I tried on my Samsung Galaxy tab pro, which is rooted, nothing either... Bad app