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• Complete Dark and Light theme
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  • I am able to save the files to my cloud based storage. Great for when I am on the go and have an idea for my book I'm writing in Ywriter. I just import the scene when I get home. Doesn't import cleanly but the text is there and it works good enough for me.
  • Writer+ is so cool! The different formatting options, the layout, the UI design, perfect. Apart from a few tidbits, the writer lags the more text you have in one document (not everyone separates their chapters), and with formatting, is there anyway to get rid of the asterisks once you format a word? **text**, looks a wierd and ruins the experience for me. Otherwise perfect, keep it up!
  • Nice and simple, one of the best but still lacking some important features like sync. What I think it needs as text editor app is, better theming (please give us an AMOLED black theme) notebook style organization(this can be an option) a widget as powerful as the Evernote widget, which views notes from a specific folder or notebook and can instantly write notes, add justify option too, long notes that aren't aligned on the edges make my eyes bleed, font size too. Keep the app pure and simple.
  • Comes in handy and is simple to use. Great app. Just wish it had diferent fonts and sizes
  • I love this app. Just to point out, though, the character count on the top of a document and the one shown when clicking on Word Count sometimes aren't the same.
  • A beautifully designed app for a mobile phone that beats out Microsoft Word on every level.