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Now Better usability on Tablet.
This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true xray scanning functionality
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  • Its clearly stated in the description that this app is a fake. That's not a big deal. I just think that the "prank" would be more fun if you could maneuver the screen better. Also if you actually had to have your hand there. Thanks for reading this review and I hope it was helpful to not waste time!
  • Anyone who downloads this and then says it's "fake" is dumb, Says in description it's not real *facepalm*, it's just for tricking friends and family. Tricked my son a treat, he gasped, haha. Good app, tilt the phone to move the Xray up and down so it looks like you're actually scanning your hand. Fun.
  • Im sorry to the guys that made this game but its a complete waste of time who woud want to down such a pathetic game ads keep on appearing on my ipad and it dosent even show your real bone it should be more like a proper x-ray why cant you rate 0 stars plus the pranks are failure FIX OR TAKE IT OFF THE APPSTORE
  • Moves on its own and its suppose to be a prank but it really doesn't seem to respond well...>:( i don't recommend it!!!!
  • Don't like the fact that you have to tilt it to make it work, makes it less realistic which doesn't really work for a prank.
  • It doesn't work because my hands are too small! Please add a size adjustment feature and I will rate higher! Thanks!