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• Various bug fixes.
YouTube your way on the biggest screen in the house, from a playlist of music videos to your favorite comedy channels. Finding something to watch is simple with voice search.
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  • After Oct 2nd 2015 update it is still missing: 1.- Subscribe/Unsubscribe to channels 2.- Add/Remove a video to a list or watch later 3.- 60fps support 4.- View date added on video thumbnails (this was fine before, it was removed at some point which is really frustrating). Still I will update to 2 stars because there were a few things fixed, a few steps more to have the complete Youtube experience.
  • Google cast was a most important feature for me. Now pairing With my tablet no longer works. Why this step back? This must be fixed in near futur.
  • Not as good as the PS3 Youtube app. When you're playing your subscriptions, you have to hit "back' at the end of every video and manually play the next video. It should treat subscriptions like a playlist! Also, it doesn't have app connect support, assuming you'll use the Chromecast Youtube stuff instead. However, it's still YouTube, which has replaced almost all of my other TV watching. At least my daily watching habits.
  • Every time I try to do a voice search from the remote, it keeps waiting as if it's waiting for me to say more, then the text in the search bar goes blank as if it didn't just hear me clear as day.
  • Constantly buffers despite good connection. Starts the clip from the beginning if i have paused it and screensaver on Nexus Player kicks in, so annoying. The YouTube app on my smart tv from LG is superior to the the Google app YouTube, running on Android TV from Google, on a Nexus Player from Google. It really should not be that way. Please fix this app, worst YouTube client ever.....
  • Youtube for Android TV has some videos running with ghosting. Please solve this, Youtube!