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YouTube Music lets you watch and listen to a nearly endless catalog in an app designed for music discovery. Just tap a track you love, and see where your music takes you.
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  • Really YouTube? Why would I use this app if I can't minimize it (why would I pay for it)? I'm not going to stare at album art for an hour and I need to multitask. Thank you YouTube for throwing our number one request out the window.
  • It's a GREAT addition to YouTube Red. No ads on videos. Access to Play music and all together great interface to discover music. Ad free music, ad free videos, and unlimited Gp music is great for only $10
  • Not only are they saving background play for Youtube Red SUBSCRIBERS, but they don't even add it for an app STRICTLY about music. App also asks for a majority of permissions that are irrelevant to the function of the app itself. Don't waste your time on this obvious attempt to cash in on our loyalty to the service, it's literally just the Youtube app with less content.
  • I don't understand how someone wouldn't like this app. You can minimize it and do other tasks! Fantastic features. Thanks Google!
  • When I try to get all my liked songs onto my offline playlist, new, stupid rap songs start downloading and I don't like it. Please add a button to our liked list that says, "Add to Offline Playlist" Then I would give you 5 stars. I just done want to listen to rap or Justin Bieber offline. Thank you!
  • This feature is buggy. The app automatically shuts off when the screen is locked, as well as when the app is put into the background.