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- Fixed some DST issues for users in Turkey
Android Zipsters can now find and book a Zipcar faster than ever before with our new and updated app. Search for available Zipcars nearby, book a car or extend a reservation. Of course, you can also honk the horn, and lock or unlock the doors — all from your Android phone. Download it now and the open road awaits…
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  • Car is nowhere to be found. People on the phone have no idea where the cars are. All they can tell me is that the car doesn't look like the car on the photos of the application. Where the f* is this premium crap you're charging for? 7 bucks a month (plus 25 bucks fee) so you guys run a company without even knowing where your cars are?
  • Wouldn't let me sign in. Re-installed same thing still can't log in.
  • Does the job intended very well
  • Perfecly does what it's designed to do. Easy reservations, extensions, and the lock, unlock function is amazing!
  • Never had a problem or anything with this company or the app its pretty simple I just want a better selection of vehicles in my area